Dylan Mitchell Memorial Criterium

After the 8k, Donna and I headed down town to watch the Dylan Mitchell Memorial Criterium.

"The event is held in memory of Dylan Mitchell, a Fort Mill native who was struck and killed by a car while coming back from a training ride in September 2005 with the University of South Carolina Cycling Club. He was 21."

Since I was hit by a car last year, by a driver who didn’t even bother to stop, I feel somewhat connected to this event. In many ways I’m lucky to be alive. Although I didn’t know Dylan, I am still saddened by the events and a life ended so suddenly.

But it was an absolutely beautiful day, with slightly overcast skies to keep the temperatures down and a nice breeze to compliment it. Donna and I grabbed some lunch and drinks and sat in the shade of a tree at the edge of the park while the riders sped passed. It was great!

I gleefully took hundreds of photos and tried to pick up some pointers on style and technique. Not sure I gained anything in that department, but it was a fantastic way to spend the day. Donna and I spent several hours just talking and watching. There were a few moments of rain, but not enough to slow down the event. It was a great to be outside and I’m really considering participating next year. Of course that will put me in the 40+ Masters category, but I might stand a chance against those guys. I have a year to train up for it. All I need is a cool sprint bike!

Here are some pictures of the event. If you’re in the area you should definitely plan to come out next year.

 Dylan_Mitchell_Criterium_2009_387 Dylan_Mitchell_Criterium_2009_076 Dylan_Mitchell_Criterium_2009_180 Dylan_Mitchell_Criterium_2009_187 Dylan_Mitchell_Criterium_2009_220 Dylan_Mitchell_Criterium_2009_222 Dylan_Mitchell_Criterium_2009_270 Dylan_Mitchell_Criterium_2009_333 Dylan_Mitchell_Criterium_2009_363

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