Run Like A Girl 8k

To put it bluntly, this event was a disappointment from the start! I have to say I find it deplorable that the US National Whitewater Center would charge a $5 parking fee to the participants of the running event. Since we’d already paid an entrance fee this was nothing more than a shakedown for extra money from a captive audience. It’s only $5, but it’s the principle of the thing. Considering there were about 500 people there it’s a pretty nice way to line your pockets with an extra $2,500 from a fundraising event. Way to show your true colors you greedy bastards!

And while the event was pretty fun to watch (I actually got to see Donna more than once before she finished) according to the women who actually ran it, it was an absolutely horrible experience. The course was loaded with massive exposed roots, slippery slate and shale rocks and downhills that were slick from the slight rain and humidity. More than one person hurt themselves on the trail. Further, the Whitewater Center advertised water stations and support along the route. Truth of the matter is they offered nothing. There was no chip timing, no water, and when people did hurt themselves there was nowhere and no one to take them too. Maybe that is the thrill and excitement of doing a trail run, but I didn’t hear a single person say they enjoyed themselves. The people I heard said they hated the course and that it was miserable. Again, way to go guys you sure know how to make a fundraiser special!

Also, the path was far too narrow. When people had to slow down because it was slippery it caused a bottleneck which caused everyone to stand around and wait their turn to cross the same area. Donna said she was pretty mad with having to stand around and lose momentum. She didn’t want to slip and fall, but standing around isn’t the right way to go either.

Donna did have a decent run and she was pretty happy with her time. The support and camaraderie is always exciting to see, but it was completely marred by the ineptitude of the Whitewater Center. I can only hope that next year this event is held somewhere else and they aren’t given a chance to rip off charitable people or put them in danger because they don’t know how to lay out a course or offer support.

The Whitewater Center gets an EPIC FAIL as a host for this event!

Despite their stupidity here are a few photos I took while I was out there.

Run_Like_A_Girl_8k_064 Run_Like_A_Girl_8k_011 Run_Like_A_Girl_8k_029 Run_Like_A_Girl_8k_033

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