PaintShop Pro X2 for $42

I just upgraded to Paint Shop Pro X2 Ultimate for $42. Plus I got a copy of Corel Painter Essentials 4 for Free. This is a pretty damn good deal. I know X3 is probably just around the corner, but the features of X2 suit me just fine. If you don’t already have a copy it’s definitely worth having. When you don’t know what you’re doing with web graphics, PSP makes it so much easier.

If you want your own copy give this a whirl:

1. Go to the Corel Store and add PSP X2 Ultimate to the cart. It’ll show as $49.99
2. At checkout use BONUS20 as your coupon code. This will save you 20%. You can also use BONUSBUCKS20 to save $20 off the price of the cart. Depending on what you’re buying, one may make a better deal than the other.

That’s it. You’ll get PSP at a nice discount. Plus you get Media One Plus, Nik Color Efex Sampler, Background Remove plugin and tutorials. All in all, a nice deal.

Halloween’s coming and PSP makes it easy to add graphics to your blog.

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