A Halloween Marker

Funny the difference a year makes. While the New Year is still a little ways off I got a taste of just how much progress I’ve made in a year. We had our Halloween party at work on Friday and we were looking back at the costumes from last. And it’s not my costume that caught people’s attention but what I looked like. I was every bit of 220 pounds with round face and plenty of meat on my bones. As I’ve remarked, this year I’m 160 and look quite a bit different. People were commenting on how much Donna and I have changed since that party. It’s a pretty vast difference no doubt.

It’s pretty amusing to look back and see such a noticeable change. Donna is now running 10Ks and I’m still riding my bike all over the place. I guess Halloween is a good a time as any to check on how we’re doing with changing out lives around. I have, I’m impressed and happy all the way around.

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