Falling off the wagon

Ok, this Halloween candy is getting the better of me. Perhaps the fried chicken, pizza and cheesy bread rolls have a little something to do with it too. Nothing drastic, but I have been eating some really bad foods the past week or so. Breakfast has been the same as usual, but oh how easily I have been persuaded to go out for pizza at Fuel or grab some fried chicken or fried pork chop from a place down the road. And let’s not forget a couple of movie outings and some big tubs of buttered popcorn. I’m not complaining (perhaps confessing?) since I enjoyed the dickens out of eating it.

Perhaps the excitement of the holidays has me in “training” for a big turkey feast. :) I’m not too far gone though, I’ve only put on a couple of pounds, but I either need to get that Halloween candy out of the house (and by out of the house I mean eat it as quickly as possible) or I need to exercise more.

I think I’ll still eat the candy, just ride more. :)

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