Cotton Pickin 100

Donna and I will be doing the Cotton Pickin 100 this Saturday at 10am in Fort Mill. Donna hasn’t done one of these bike rides before so she’s not sure if she wants to ride the 30 mile route or go for it all and give the 65 miles a try. I have no doubt she can do the 30 and have been trying to convince (read coerce) her to do the full metric century. I even promised to ride at her pace and stop at the rest areas, how much more gentlemanly can I be? :)

Either way it’ll be a fun ride for me since we haven’t done one like this together and normally I’m out there by myself. I’ll enjoy the company.

I think the weather is going to be good. It should be sunny and just under 70 degrees. I’ll be riding the pink Specialized that normally sits in the trainer so Donna can ride the yellow Giant. With the new neck and handlebar position it’s been pretty comfortable. I’m looking forward to it and considering the pizza and tacos I’ve been having for lunch, I can certainly use the workout.

P.S. Tell Donna she needs to ride the 100km :)

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