All done with The Cotton Pickin 100

We did the ride at a leisurely pace, taking our time on the course and soaking up the scenery. I’ve only done a couple of these metric century rides, but I have to say this was the most scenic. The rolling hills, cotton fields, and pastures dotted with cows, goats and donkeys made for an extremely pleasant time.

For this outing I was joined by Edie, who has done numerous long distance rides including Cycle North Carolina – a multi-day trek through the Blue Ridge Parkway and Donna who has more of a fondness for running than she does of biking, but agreed to come along for fun. I’m sure Donna would have appreciated the scenery, and the cotton fields and the cows, but alas, she was busy plotting my demise for making her ride up down "the ridiculously steeps hills". She’ll laugh about it later I’m sure. It’s building leg muscle for running!

It was a little chilly when we started off, but it was a very pleasant day none-the-less with the temperatures hovering right in the mid 60s. After a quick trip through town we were off on the straights and rolling along the countryside. It really was beautiful with autumn leaves holding on to their last specs of color, fields of soy and cotton and plenty of farm land with cows, horses and goats. It was the first time where I would have preferred to spend the time taking pictures of the old barns rather than riding. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the next outing.

I thought the hills were "rolling", Donna saw them in a slightly different light. At a little past halfway and after going over several of these climbs she really wondered why anyone would make a hill like that. She expressed herself in slightly different words, but for the sake of censorship I’ve made a couple of adjustments.

At mile 40 Donna made the declaration that this course wasn’t quite her "thing". Again, she expressed it a little differently.

At mile 50 she spoke out loud about the scenery, the road, the animals and questioned why someone would make hills. That’s the gist anyway.

At mile 55, I think she wanted to smother me with a pillow. Direct quote.

At mile 55.5 I promised we would head straight to Fuel for pizza and beer if she spared my life. I think this bought me some time.

At mile 60 I promised the end was at hand and that the guy who laid out the course wasn’t tricking us by saying the end was "just up ahead".

As the parking lot came into view I apologized for perpetuating the lie that cycling was fun, that she would enjoy being out in the country and that the shorter route would have just been way too easy.

Actually, Donna did extremely well and handled the whole event like a trooper. She pedaled the whole way through and kept a smile on her face. To hit the ground running and belt out 65 miles like that is impressive as hell.

I’d love to ride that track again so I’ll definitely do this one again next year. Once it warms up, I’m pretty sure I’ll follow that course on my own just for fun. If you’re looking for a fun ride in the Carolinas this is a good one to try. Regardless of what Donna says.

And yes, we did head straight to Fuel for pizza and beer. It’s the only reason I’m still alive! :)

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