65 miles through Rock Hill

I did the Cotton Pickin 100 on Saturday and it was probably the most scenic bike ride I’ve been on. Yeah I know, I haven’t been on that many yet, but it was still really nice out there. We rolled past cotton fields, soy bean fields, and pastures full of cows, horses, goats and even donkeys. Let’s not forget about the Volkswagen Beetles that people seem to have stashed in their barns. I kept wanting to pull off and check them out.

I took the pink bike out for this one (mock my breast cancer awareness, I dare ya!) and it did extremely well. I’ve never ridden it that far before. Hell, I’ve barely ridden it on the street period. But it cruised along nicely. The gears are a little tricky since they’re not on the handlebars, but I wasn’t trying to set some break neck pace. I was simply out there to enjoy the ride. Donna came with me on this one so I wanted to make sure I kept pace with her.

She did amazingly well! She does running more than she does biking although she is no stranger to the bike. We’ve been on quite a few rides together, but this is the longest one she’s ever done. And she handled it like a trooper. Donna is not a fan of the hills, but then again, who is? I was terribly amused she was sending updates to her Facebook page as we rode along. I’m sure I don’t want to read those comments. Make no mistake, we celebrated by going to Fuel for pizza and beer. That’s the only reason to actually ride that far isn’t it? That and working off all the damn Halloween candy I’ve been eating.

It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to taking that route again. I’ll certainly put it on the list to do again next year, and might even ride it on my own when the weather warms back up again. (Not like it wasn’t 75 degrees on Sunday).

If you’re looking for a new bike route and want something scenic, this is a good one. Plus, the support staff was excellent! Thanks to the Rock Hill Bicycle Club for waiting around for us guys!

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