Stuff up the tree

Oh this room is a mess! I think we’ve gone just a touch overboard with using this as a "spare room". Now there are games, toys, books, magazines, coats and who knows what else scattered all over the place. It’s taking hours to get this under control. Well, I know it was going to come to this. I’ve been cleaning up just about every other room in the house and avoiding this one. Still cleaning up some of the dishes I used for Thanksgiving. :)

I’ve also been using RichCopy like a crazy fool. I’m now paranoid that all my files are going to disappear as more drives fail. I’m making copies of everything between drives. It used to be I could use DVDs to back this stuff up, but now there’s just too much and I’d have stacks of discs all over the house. I’m really thinking about investing in a NAS box. The external drives have been my low budget solution to that, but as I’m starting to see, just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean they’re the best way to go. It’ll have to wait until after the new year since that would totally throw of Christmas. Besides I haven’t looked to see what my options even are.

Oh well, back to work! Got to get this taken care of so I can get started on Season 2 of Dexter.

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