A quick trip to Arizona

I’m heading out tomorrow for a quick trip to Arizona. My buddy Randy is getting married and I shall be in attendance. I’ve been out to Arizona in 2005 and 2006 and had a great time. It’s so picturesque, but I couldn’t get out there for the past couple years. I buy all that new camera gear and can’t show it off. What a waste. This trip will be too short to take any side trips and the focus is on him getting hitched not me checking out the sights. Guess I won’t be the Belle of the Ball.

I will just have to plan something for next year. The price is pretty reasonable, but egad, do the airlines throw in a free probing with all the restrictions they have now? This is the first time I’ve flown since 2006 and good heavens!

And no, I haven’t heard back from BestBuy, so yes, they still suck.

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