Back from Arizona

I’m back from the blue skies of Arizona into the foggy gray of Charlotte.

It was a good trip and the wedding went extremely well. I spent most of the time doing odd jobs of moving furniture around and setting up tables and chairs. From my point of view it was pretty easy and low key. But then again, I wasn’t trying to organize anything, so know what it was really like.

Flying out there was easy and uneventful. I watched a few episodes of Dexter on the iPod. Certainly made the flight more enjoyable and I like having a browser and email in my pocket.

For the first night we went to BeniHana, which is really nothing more than Kabuto’s and the like, but it was still quite good. I had an excellent Alaska roll, so there’s nothing to complain about.

The ceremony was very nice. Pastor Steve is a great guy who was very fun and lively. Afterwards we talked about running (he’s done a few marathons and quite a bit of long distance running with his kids).

The reception was very fun with lots of talking and champagne. My duties were done so I just sat by the pool with a bottle of red wine. Not a bad way to spend an evening I assure you.

The trip back was less than agreeable though. My flight took off from the part of the airport that time forgot. The departure time information screens were broken so there was a single monitor to check your flight information from. Unfortunately my flight was going to be delayed by 45 minutes in taking off. I was assured however that I would still be able to make the connecting flight.

When we got to Houston we landed like a ton of bricks and I think everyone on the flight thought we broke something on touchdown. Then it was a mad dash from one terminal to the other to get the next flight. I made it, but I wasn’t thrilled because then we had to sit on the runway for 30 minutes waiting our turn to take off. My flights out are fine, but the ones coming back always have problems. I watched a few more Dexter episodes on the way back it once in the air it was ok.

It was still a good time though. Randy and Katie are in Hawaii and I’m back at work with basically nothing to do. We loaded the final code so that’s basically it for the year. After this week I’m done for the rest of the month. All the dev guys are heading out so not much cause for the rest of us to sit here. Tons of work to be done around the house so I will have plenty to occupy my time.

Oh yeah, there’s those pesky Christmas gifts I need to buy too…

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