Tossing out the past!

Not only is it the end of the year, but the end of a decade as well. And what does that mean? You guessed it, down to the basement to toss out all those boxes I haven’t opened in 5 years. It’s shocking how many of them I have too! Dozens of old computer boxes, hard drive boxes, monitor boxes (you get the picture) all went to the recycling bin. Then it was time for all the old clothes that don’t fit me any more (since I am so fit and trim these days). After that I dug into all my old boxes from my previous cubicle job. And what a treasure trove of goodies it was too! I found my old Tick toys (best cartoon ever mind you!), old Diablo action figures (approbations to Diablo) and even my Dr. Evil figurine. Dude, this stuff is so cool. I see your jealousy!

I even found my fiber optic Bonsai tree. Can you beat that?

15 bags of clothes went out the door to Goodwill. As did 5 old computer monitors (which the woman then tossed into the back of the truck. Good luck on those still working after that), hundreds of VCR tapes (remember those?), enough sheets and pillow cases to cover several beds, and even a couple of old computers. All the old kids toys went out the door as well. Some went to friends with the rest going to Goodwill.

I’m my own little Santa Claus!

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