I’ve hit a snag

Ok searching for computer components is fun, up to a point. Comparing the specs on each motherboard and case configuration is getting a little weary. Plus, I have to keep jumping around different sites to see if I’m getting the best price and if I can save some cash on shipping. I’ve got it nailed down to Buy.com and ZipZoomFly.com for the parts. Between the two of them they have a huge array of parts and lots of it has free shipping.

Of course the project has hit the skids a bit since there is a run on memory. I looked the other day and it all seemed fine. But now, I guess the scare of prices going up has people hording it and now all my choices are out of stock. And the stuff that is left is insanely expensive.

I guess that Maximum PC article on building your own $647 budget rig got everybody out there buying parts.

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