Why does Corel keep doing this to me?

Every time I purchase an upgrade at their discounted price, a few days later they come out with a whole new version. I just bought the Uber Deluxe Paint Shop Pro X2 Ultimate Edition complete with all the bells and whistles and today Corel sends out that the X3 edition is available. Curse you! I haven’t even had my version for two months and now there’s a yet another upgrade. The insensitivity of it all!

I’m not sure if I even need this new edition. I’m sure I’ll download the trial and see what it has to offer.

However, if you’re looking for a deal you can buy the new Paint Shop Pro X3 for $59. However, I have another trick up my sleeve. If you use the coupon BONUSBUCKS20 you will save another $20 off the price. Not 20%, but $20. So now you buy it and tell me how cool it is.

Paint Shop Pro X3

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