Waiting for Spring

Just when I thought the weather was getting ready to let me ride outside again, the rain comes, then the snow, then the fog and then some more rain. Of course it’s the not the blanket of snow the rest of the country gets so I guess I have no cause to complain. At least the snow melts the day after it comes down rather than sticking around for 5 months like other places.

I’ve been riding the trainer like crazy, and running on the elliptical machine. I’ve also been indulging in pizza and hamburgers too. As a matter of fact I had some of the biggest onion rings I’ve ever seen for lunch yesterday. That kept me on the bike.

Actually the elliptical machine isn’t too bad. When Donna first got it I could run for about five minutes and that’s it. Now I have no problem going the full 40 minutes. And no, I don’t have it on the lowest setting, thank you very much. I don’t have it on the hardest setting either so I guess I shouldn’t get too cocky.

I’m also starting to think about a new bike. I’ve had plenty of time to consider my options and come back to reality on price. A new one still isn’t going to be cheap, but I’m pretty sure I can keep it out of the stratosphere. I’m hoping a Spring sale comes along and I can save a few bucks. I still really want that Roubaix, so the temptation to go overboard is certainly still there. But if I do go crazy and spend that kind of cash, and the bike last 5-7 years, it might not be such a bad investment. I’ll keep going back and forth about what I really want so we’ll see how it all works out.

I’m hoping the weather changes soon, I’d really like to get my bike on the road for a change.

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