Fun for the weekend – Ubuntu

Since I now have a spare machine lying around I contemplated what to do with it. It’s an old Dell Dimension P4 with 4GB of ram and the 640GB drive that used to be in my new AMD Dell, before I pulled it out and replaced it with something bigger. I thought about using the machine as a massive paperweight – stylish and effective, but not very practical. The idea of a flowpot came to mind, but I figured it would start leaking. I could take it out back and shoot it – fun and exciting, but not very long lasting.

So I decided to go completely radical and install Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) on to it! I tried the 7.x series a few years back and found it rather convoluted when trying to install additional components. The OS itself worked great but adding additional components didn’t work so well. It seems the 9.x series has changed a lot of that so I think it’s time to jump in again.

Windows 7 is far from impressive and with new products like the iPad, Chrome OS, Mac OSX, Ubuntu and other yet unannounced products coming out later this year it seems the Windows revolution is coming to an end. And I have to say I’m not sad to see it go. I’m not going to be able to just quit using Windows, there’s still quite a few apps I still use like Paint Shop Pro, Live Writer, OneNote, Quicken, that just don’t have a Unix equivalent. However, I think Unix flavors will gain speed this upcoming year and I’m curious to have a look for myself. With the speed and memory of this new machine I could easily run Virtualbox with Windows 7 running inside. That probably seems redundant and maybe for the next year or so it will be, but I feel the winds of change coming on. Personally, I really hope Windows 7 is the last version of Windows I use. I find Win7 to be bloated, annoying, insanely expensive and short on real useful features. Plus, if everyone is moving to "cloud computing" what does it matter what OS I’m using? If I just need a browser why should I spend $150-400 on Windows?

I have my boot disc and a machine ready to go.This should be interesting!

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