Where did all this snow come from?

The threat of snow causes quite a bit of panic and chaos in these parts, but that’s what we had last night. And low and behold, right after they sent us home early the snow started coming down. It was a light one, but it last all night, and now we have about 4 inches on the ground. And not that powdery stuff you can’t do anything with. This is the thick heavy snow. The kind that you can build a manly snowman with. Or pack a deadly snowball that could send someone head first into the ground.

Now the funny thing is, even though the ground is covered, this still will only for a couple of hours. It’s already melting and you can hear it runoff coming off the houses. That’s what’s great about these little blizzards; you get this great snowfall that covers everything, but in a few hours it’s all gone and life goes back to normal.



Snow_Storm_2-14-2010_019 Snow_Storm_2-14-2010_021


Snow_Storm_2-14-2010_041 Snow_Storm_2-14-2010_058

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