What the hell happened?

Where did my cycling mojo go?

To justify the cost of the bike I have to ride it. A lot. And that’s no problem since that’s what I want to do anyway. Even if the weather refuses to cooperate with me I still have the trainer. So in I go and pedal along.

La La La, everything is fine, the bike is comfortable, the show I’m watching on the computer is quite entertaining. I figure I need to up my game since I haven’t ridden the full distance of a group ride and should probably do so before I embarrass myself.

Yeah well, I embarrassed myself, luckily no one was looking. It was a struggle to finish the first 40 minutes of riding. I was dropping into a lower gear every couple of minutes.

When I was done with that set, I can’t say I’d put on a good showing. Clearly this would never do. At this pace I’d be left behind in the parking lot. I took a few moments to recover, then climbed back on and gave it another go. Normally, I would be out on a 30 mile trek, so I figured I should at least try and match that on the trainer. Plus, I needed to catch up on some episodes of 24.

Strangely my second set wasn’t all that bad at least to start off with. I guess I was warmed up. And being in one of the lowest gears didn’t hurt either. But about half way through, things turned, ugly. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I struggled, I gasped, I wondered just how easy a gear the bike had. I even think I made odd grunting noises by the way the dog was looking at me.

At the end of it, I was a soggy spectacle, and I was none to happy with my performance. Definitely need to work on that endurance. 30 miles was a ridiculous struggle, I can’t even image what a 60 mile ride would be like right now.

Yes there are differences between the road and the trainer, but things are looking to promising at the moment.

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