Great riding on Friday

We had the day off and the weather was fantastic so my chance for a long ride was finally here. Donna and I set off just after 10 and started riding all over the place. We took my usual route which is around 14 miles and has quite a few hills. The traffic is usually pretty light which is always a good thing since getting buzzed by cars on a regular basis gets pretty old pretty quick.

We did a pretty leisurely pace; we just wanted to get some exercise and be outside, not set land speed records. Clearly not since we took over two hours of actual ride time to make the journey and I think three hours total. But hey, it’s about the exercise not the speed. And I’m really not one to complain about taking it easy on a bike ride.

Of course as a reward we headed down to Fuel and ordered up a white cheese pizza with spinach. If you’re in to pizza, I would recommend this one, it’s damn good! And if you can’t ride around for a couple of hours and justify it with pizza, I don’t know what we ride for. :)

Again, the Roubaix handles great. I have to say though, will there be a time when sitting in the saddle for a couple of hours doesn’t hurt?

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