Amazing week of bike riding

The weather has been fantastic so I’ve finally been able to get the bike out and get some riding done. I did a quick ride on Thursday of 10 miles just to see how the bike handled since I’ve haven’t ridden it on the road yet. For Friday, Donna and I went for a 30 miles ride, then on Saturday we did a 10 mile ride and then I went out for an additional 30 miles. Today we did another 15 miles and even went rolling around the back side of Lake Wylie. I’ve lived 4 miles away from it yet I’ve never seen the dam or any other part of it. There are lots of places to ride out there – a bunch of neighborhoods that were started but never finished (crashed economy I suspect).

So I’ve managed to get 100 miles under my belt for the week and the bike feels amazing. The ride is completely different than the Giant. The carbon fiber frame and the Zertz dampen so much of the ride it’s amazing. I haven’t done any really big rides (meaning 100km) but the 30 mile ride was pretty easy. Well easy in the sense that the bike wasn’t hurting me. The ride still kicked my butt as far as regular fatigue is concerned, but I liked being on the bike.

The weather looks great for the rest of the week so I’m hoping to get in some riding every night after work. The neighborhood next to me has really light traffic and a great little oval that has some nice flat riding as well as some hills. I need to work on climbing to build up my stamina and strength.

I’m really excited over this bike and think I can really do some big rides this year. The goal is to do a century and I don’t see any reason why I won’t be able to.

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