Nearly 2,200 miles

I just realized I’ve ridden nearly 2,200 miles so far.

In November of 2009 (the 10th to be exact) I crossed over 1,000 miles. In just 5 months I’ve travelled another 1,200 miles. For me, that’s a lot of miles in a pretty short amount of time. It looks like I’m riding a little over 200 miles a month. However, that’s been through the winter months so hopefully I can really increase that now that the weather has changed. I still ride about 10 miles a day, but I should be adding another 60 or so miles a weekend. Might not happen like that every weekend, but I should be increasing my riding distance here pretty shortly. I know lots of people ride a ton more miles, some ride 200 miles a weekend, but I’m just looking at what I’ve done and I’m pretty excited about that distance.

I never thought I would one day ride 30 miles in a single sitting, let alone have an odometer on a bike that reads in the thousands. For a guy who just likes to ride a bike, that’s pretty cool.

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