To the Brewery!

Theo, Tracy and I took off for the Carolina Blonde brewery in Mooresville earlier today and I have to say the place is really entertaining. Of course, it’s a brewery, why wouldn’t it be entertaining? Oh, but there’s more to it than trying to get Tracy drunk enough to actually do the "worm".

For a small fee of $5 you get a commemorative shot glass and get to sample 5 different brews that they have (I think they have a total of 10). Each additional sampling is just a $1. It was actually a great time. The bar/sitting area is very nice with lots of tables and plenty of room. They aren’t giving tours right now but you can watch the bottling and check out some of the other equipment. The only real drawback was the band they had playing. They were a little too loud. We could barely hear each other across the table.

After the beer sampling was over it was time to go shopping. I snatched up some pint glasses, shot glasses and two growlers of ale. I went for the American Wheat and Scottish Ale. Boy, that Scottish Ale was chewy!

There was a slight dark cloud on the day; Donna broke her big toe while at Krav. And despite what you may think it wasn’t doing some insanely powerful kick or busting some guy in the head. She walked wrong and bent the toe all to hell. But the big problem was that she biked to class and thus had to pedal back home so she could get the car before she went to the Urgent Care. Pedaling 6 miles with a broken toe, yeah, that would suck.

But the injury wasn’t too bad and they patched her up pretty quick. I did try and make her feel better by cooking steak, chicken and brats on the BBQ. Well, it made me feel better at least. Meat is good for a broken toe!

And the American Wheat went just fine with my BBQ endeavors.

If you’re in the Carolinas, head up I-77 and check it out, it’s well worth the trip.

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