Building the man cave!

Ok, the heat and humidity is starting to take its toll so I’m building a bunker down in the basement! I can’t take the heat so I’m getting the hell out of the kitchen! Three computers and my bike have all been moved down into the man cave where it’s 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the house. Yes, I know I could turn on the air conditioner and solve the problem but that’s a ton of wasted energy and this is so much simpler and there’s so much more room down there.

Actually it’s a pretty good set up. The server fan has been running on full blast for weeks now trying to keep itself cool. Now that machine is almost whisper quiet again. With the bike down there I can ride a lot harder without feeling like I’m in a sauna. And I have my machine that has all my movies and TV shows on it. So it’s all good!

I would move my main machine down there, but there’s a surprising lack of wall outlets and those that are available all have freezers and refrigerators plugged into them. Now, I could go and run some cable and make my own new outlets, but we all know how that would end. In flames…

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