Creating Color Schemes

As I’ve been working on blogs and websites I’ve been looking for a simple way to get color combinations so I can blend some nice colors together. A lot of the time the graphics used on a page or the "theme" of the page dictates the colors. However, there is also the time where I want to use a base color and I’m not sure what should go around it. I’ve found a couple tools to help with that which I think are pretty neat.

Going the free and online route is the The Color Wizard – Ver. 3.0. It’s a free site that lets you pick a base color then it gives suggestions of what goes with it. You can pick compliments as well as opposites or have it generate a random color scheme. It’s quite nice and for free you can hardly beat it.

Another neat option is CoffeeCup Website Color Schemer. It works on the same principle; you pick a color and it makes suggestions on what should compliment it. It also allows you to import a picture and builds colors from the image. And there’s the eye dropper tool so you can pick colors directly from the screen. It’s quite nice but the $29 price tag is a little steep.

Colorschemer is also very neat. It has a lot of the same options as Website ColorSchemer but offers a few more features. You can import and export color schemes (people build them and post them on their website). You can also pick a start and end color and it will "step" you between the two. Once again, very neat and useful, but the $50 price tag is really steep. I really like this app, but at this price it’s more expensive than PSPX3! And unless you use it all day, every day, I can’t justify it.

Out of these three apps I think ColorSchemer is the best because of the multiple palettes it offers and ability to transition between different colors in steps.

I’m still in the trial period with these, but considering the price, I think I might stick to the free alternative. At $14.95 these would be great apps, but they’re more expensive than my main graphics app and that seems a little skewed to me. I suppose if you’ve invested $600+ in Photoshop, what’s a couple bucks more right?

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