Microsoft: Windows is better for photos than a Mac, hands down?

This is a pretty bold statement, especially in light of Microsoft selling off Expression Media. They claim they’re committed to photography but yet get rid of one powerful app and bolster the features of another, which very people are probably using. I’m all about free apps, but I don’t know anyone who is using the Live Photo Gallery. There’s a lot of mixed messages coming out of those Redmond guys these days.

Microsoft highlights the following capabilities of its new Windows Live Photo Gallery:

  • Auto Adjust - one click that fine-tunes exposure, color balance, angle, and sharpness
  • Retouch - remove blemishes, or even entire people
  • Batch Editing - do same action to a number of photos at once
  • Photo Fuse -  use similar photos to create a perfect picture (eyes closed example)
  • Sharing - the ability to publish your photos directly to social media sites, online storage locations, and send via email or chat
  • Sync - the ability to have all of your files on the go, as well as synched across all of your PCs
  • Slide Shows – in a few clicks, create and share slide shows with transitions and visual effects

Microsoft: Windows is better for photos than a Mac, hands down

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