Turn around twice and I’ve put o

This is really quite embarrassing. Over the past two months I’ve managed to put on 20 pounds. And I know exactly how I did it too. I’ve been going out to lunch and I stopped logging everything I eat in LoseIt.

It seems nothing puts on weight faster than going out to lunch everyday. Each one of those stupid meals was probably 1000 – 1500 calories and then another 800 more for dinner and not enough cycling in the evening to make up for it. I’m still riding for 40 minutes (10 miles) but it wasn’t enough to overcome the calories and the weight has been slowly settling in. And without LoseIt I wasn’t tracking this increase correctly. Oh the humanity!

Well no more of this rubbish! Going out to lunch has come to and end and all my meals are going to be tracked through LoseIt again. I’ve hit 187 but I’m confident I can drop a few pounds by the time the weekend gets here.

This certainly explains why those dress pants didn’t fit the way I remembered.

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