So how is this going to play out?

Donna is off for the weekend to do some camping, but I’ll be staying here to take care of the dogs and I have a bunch of work I need to finish, well, at work. The weather is looking pretty dark and gloomy out there as a big lightning storm is building up. If the weather holds I think I might take this weekend to do some riding on my own. I guess I’m a little gun-shy since my less than spectacular ride last weekend.

I do have a couple of other events I need to tend to. My buddy Harvey is having a Porsche event which he wants me to take pictures of and I have a massive amount of work to do around the house. With everyone out of the way I can clean out the basement with reckless abandon. There are hundreds of boxes that need to come out of there. Not to mention all that yard work that I didn’t get done last weekend while I was out failing miserably on my bike. :)

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