The weight isn’t coming off

Apparently I’m not sticking with my diet like I should be. I dropped to 182 with no problems, but now I can’t seem to get below that. It’s been two weeks and I keep bouncing between 180 and 182. I’m usually riding my bike for an hour each night (an increase of 20 minutes) and tracking what I eat as best I can in LoseIt. Somewhere I’m not doing enough. I’ve had a few relapses and gone out for lunch (which I still think is the worst thing you can do if you’re trying to slim down) and a couple of times I’ve been quite a bit over the recommended calorie intake since Donna and I keep running short of time.

What we need to do is make meals ahead of time and just eat those. Of course, if we had time to make multiple meals we could just make the one meal and the problem would be solved. Might have to do some cooking ahead this weekend.

But to sum up, the weight loss isn’t going as well as I’d hoped. I was expecting to be much further along at this point. The bright side is, I haven’t actually put on any more weight, I just haven’t lost as much as I would like. Disappointing to be sure, but I just have to be a little more vigilant about what I’m eating, and *where*. Of course with the pure chaos that’s going on around here because of the upcoming software release I’ll just have to suffer through with my bad eating until the weekend. Then it will be off to the store for some chicken and a lot of those microwave steamer vegetable packs. I really like those things!

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