Substituting packing for biking

It may not be Spring, or anywhere close to it, but the time for cleaning the basement is at hand – just ask Donna, she’ll tell you. My earlier efforts to clean the basement were pretty good, but now I’m gonna get stuck in and clean the whole thing! Donna and I spent the entire weekend packing boxes, throwing things away and wondering why we ever kept some of this stuff. Egad it was bad! Some of the boxes we came across haven’t been opened since we moved into the house 5 years ago. Pretty sure we don’t need anything in that one.

I did come across quite a few nifty things while we were down there. I discovered my old Lava Lamp collection which is always good. I found some wonderful books on VB6 (any developers out there?). I found some inflatable Corona bottles – those will look good in my office. And the big find? Two boxes of Tick toys from a shopping binge on eBay! Oh yeah, those are keepers!

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