24 hours of Booty

Tonight is the start of the 24 hours of Booty in downtown Charlotte! One day I’m going to get enough people together to actually participate in this event. Donna and I had grand plans of getting a group together and signing up. But then so many other things started to happen and we just couldn’t commit to it. I’m really hoping I can ride in it next year. If you need an extra guy on your team to do some riding, keep me in mind.

However, things aren’t looking too great for being able to make it out there to have a look and take some pictures. We had a major software update this week and there has been some fallout since. Things don’t always go according to plan and you have to run around patching software and making sure your patches don’t make things worse. Looks like it might be a late night.

The start is at 7 so maybe we can make it out there. The weather is looking pretty good out there, the heat wave has finally broken. Could be a great night to ride!

Is anyone out there participating? Going to take any photos?

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