So much work to get done

We didn’t make it out to 24 hours of Booty, there was just far too much to get done around the house.The weather was great however, with a slight breeze, slightly overcast skies and the temperatures were way down. Hopefully everyone had a good ride out there.

We spend the weekend packing and moving boxes. Seriously, this has gotten out of hand. Donna and I are simply stunned at the amount of junk we’re carrying around.The basement was packed wall to wall with boxes and containers of stuff that we really have no need for. This is crazy! We ended up donating dozens of boxes to Goodwill. We had countless boxes of toys from before the kids were teenagers. Lots of broken toys, lots of clothes that don’t fit, lots of things that simply don’t work anymore. It’s was a mess!

But we’ve made huge progress! In fact, the basement is almost completely cleaned out. Not just cleaned up, but actually cleared out. There is almost nothing left down there. There’s some furniture we’re storing and a slew of bikes, but that stuff is going to stay.

I’m actually a little troubled over all the junk we’ve been hoarding! Anyway, the end is right around the corner and then we’re going to get really brave and take on the garage. That should be an adventure all it’s own!

And it was almost cool over the weekend. It’s shocking how different it feels.

Just to ask again, anyone got pictures from the Booty ride?

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