Pumpkin Templates – Zombie Hello Kitty, Bloody Mary, Dexter

I’ve been sawing away at the pumpkins and here are three of my latest creations – Zombie Hello Kitty, Bloody Mary and Dexter. There are no pictures of these beauties engulfed in fire since it’s been either too windy or too rainy for such antics. Instead, I proudly displayed them outside my office at work and got plenty of compliments.

Tonight I’ll be gutting four huge pumpkins I just bought from the local farmer. They weight about 25lbs each and I had to pay for them by the pound. I’m keeping all the seeds so hopefully next year I’ll have my own pumpkin patch.

Anyway, here’s my latest carvings.

Flaming-Pumpkins-10-29-2010_007 Flaming-Pumpkins-10-29-2010_015 Flaming-Pumpkins-10-29-2010_026

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