I like me some fondue!

Got the new set from Target since I had no hope in hell of finding the old one amongst the ruin of boxes that fill the new house. To go with it I served up some broccoli, red potatoes, chicken breast and filet mignon. And it was ever so tasty! A loaf of that spicy French bread would have been great, but as it was we were stuffed full with what we had. It was really nice. We sat around the kitchen table talking and cooking. I think that’s the part I like the most is the social aspect. Our anniversary is coming up so maybe we will bring it back out and do that again.

And let us not forget the barrage of birthday presents I have at the ready for Donna. Some say that flowers and chocolates work. Or that women prefer dainty perfume scents. Or that you could lose your damn mind and go for diamonds and cars. Pshaw I say!

Donna gets power tools!

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