Time to make some presents

That’s right, I said make. I’m trying to be handy! Donna and I are going make a few things for the kids using the new tools that I just bought her. I will be risking life and limb to the run the circular saw (of doom).

Now let’s be clear, I have adult supervision, or as near I can get it in the form of Donna. She has marked and measured the pieces. All I need to do is make some cuts and then screw it together. There are no blueprints that I know of, but there does seem to be some formulated plan on how is supposed to look.

We’re building an outside tent complete with locking legs and a tarp. It’s a pretty simply design but so far it looks pretty good. It’s way too big to play with the house, but it should be really fun outside on the lawn in the back yard. Plus, when the boy comes down the stairs and sees it, it should be awe inspiring.

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