It’s Christmas Eve

And we’re still working on presents. We still have several things to make and wrap. I have stuff stored all over the house the kids can’t see, but haven’t been able to do anything since they’re always close by. I also have to prepare for the Xmas dinner. We have quite a bit to make so I need to clean up some space to work in.

I’m also desperately trying to find my "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" DVD. We have two copies of that blasted movie and I can’t find either one of them. Donna has been complaining that I stole her Elf movie and hid it, so perhaps this is some sort of payback for that. But seriously, Grinch with Jim Carrey is a much better movie than Elf. There is only so much Will Farrel in skin tight yellow pants that a sane man can take. And I hit that limit on the first viewing. It’s Donna’s favorite movie so she gone out to rent a copy. Well, she rented it yesterday actually. I don’t care what she says I didn’t take that movie.

There is also a forecast of snow tomorrow. It snows maybe once or twice a year down here in the South and the chances of it actually snowing on Christmas are slim indeed. In actuality it hasn’t snowed on Christmas since the late 40’s, perhaps 1947. It will probably only last an hour our two if it really does snow but it would be pretty amazing if it did. The snow here is fantastic. It’s the heavy, thick stuff that really clings to the trees and makes everything looks stunningly beautiful. I’m not too hopeful, but here’s to hoping.

Oh, and we have to watch Top Gear and make cookies for Santa!

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