It really is snowing!

Oh my word! It really is snowing on Christmas! It’s dark outside, but the snow really is coming down. It was rain, but now that rain has turned to flakes and they’re starting to stick. There is just a very thin film of white out there, but it’s supposed to pick up speed and snow for the rest of the night until morning.

It will be mere moments until the city turns into complete chaos! The threat of snow usually sends people into a tailspin. Let’s not forget that tomorrow is the other big shopping day! There is stuff to be returned! Who knows what these people will do with themselves if they can’t make up at 5am and go shopping!

If this keeps up we should really have some good snow on the ground tomorrow.

It’s been a very pleasant day. I’m going to have to watch some TV and have a glass of wine. And wait for the big snow to come.

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