Top Gear – Three Wise Men

Just watched the Top Gear episode, Three Wise Men where the guys follow the path of the wise men as they make their way to Bethlehem and the baby Jesus. As you might expect this holiday episode is wrought with danger and piece of crap cars. Driving around the Middle East in a less than reliable car doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun to me. In fact it sounds downright scary. But my word this episode is hysterical. So much goes wrong, the cars are junk, Clarkson offends multiple groups, and May takes a massive hit to the head when things go wrong while trying to tow the cars.

Donna thinks it’s the best one they’ve done so far. It was damn funny that’s for sure, but I have to say the trek across Africa was pretty hysterical as well. Watching Oliver sink and Hammond’s reaction is pretty good stuff.

It really was a great episode.

But there wasn’t enough snow to cancel work tomorrow. Curse the bad luck.

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