Did I mention I liked Need for Speed for iPad?

I’ve never been a huge gamer but I really do like the racing games. When our Xbox was working my favorites were the Need for Speed series. I enjoyed the hell out Most Wanted. Well, Hot Pursuit has made it to the iPad and since EA is having a massive game sale I grabbed a slew of their titles. I also bought Shift, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Reckless Racing, Madden NFL and SimCity. But I have been playing Hot Pursuit nearly non-stop since I got it. I got all the way through the Cop mode and then the update came out to play as the Racer so now I’m going back and playing that. I’ve run the battery down several times just playing this game. Honestly, it’s fantastic. It’s simple, but the graphics are great and the controls are so easy to use. You just tilt to steer and then flick your thumb to get the nitrous boost. It’s so simple but such a challenge. EA really got it right on this game. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent this much time playing a game.

And that’s why I have an iPad!

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