What a year it’s been!

In a lot of ways it’s been a great year, but in some ways I’m glad it’s over. It’s been great since I got the new bike back in January and a new card in March. I’m also very excited for my iPad and all the reading I’ve gotten done for this year. Moving to the new house was quite a chore and all these appliances breaking hasn’t been all that pleasant. And Donna and I both lost people this year which is always unfortunate.

But I will say that there has been more good than bad and that if unpacking is the worst thing that happens to us then we’re leading some pretty charmed lives.

I rode a lot of miles on my bike this year. I think it was close to 2,000 when all is said and done. I did a couple of long rides and made an attempt at 100 miles which didn’t work out so well for me. But there is always next year. I just have to train a hell of a lot better if I plan to attempt that again.

I also did a lot of reading this year which I really haven’t done in awhile. I’ve actually been quite taken with audiobooks and ended up listening to all of Dan Brown’s books again. I also jumped back to the classics and read Frankenstein, Dracula, The Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Madame Bovary, Mystery of a Hansom Cab, Secret Passage and the Green Mummy. Sure, Donna and many other people could read that in a month or so, but to me that is a hell of a lot. And I’ve been wanting to go back and read those for years, somehow it all came together this year and I was a good time. I even have a list of books for next year already lined up.

One thing I do want to do next year is go back to the Virginia Creeper. I loved that bike ride and the scenery was fantastic. It’s expensive as hell to get up there considering the cabin, the bikes and everything else, but it was so much fun last time. I have to say I have nothing to prove this time around. I know I can ride the entire thing with no problem, I’ve done that sort of ride multiple times now. I want to go back and just lazily roll along and get some new pictures. Of course there is that set of bridges that nearly did Donna in last time. She is not a fan. But maybe we can find time to head up there over a weekend. I lost 15 vacation days this year so obviously I have plenty of time at the ready.

And there is so much computer work I need to do. I need to organize all my files, there are pictures Donna and I want to print and display around the house and if I was really ambitious I would really sit down and learn some CSS skills. I know the absolute minimum, but since we use so much CSS and Javascript here I should really try and learn those. Not necessarily to be a programmer but just so I have a better understand of what’s going on. Probably more wishful thinking than anything else right now.

Well, here’s to hoping 2011 is a kick ass year. I have high hopes.

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