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In the middle of December I bought the iPad app Chapters – Notebooks for Writing with the intent that I could use it to write down meeting notes, article ideas and other shockingly interesting tidbits of information. Well, I bought the apps, but that’s not exactly how I started using it. While Chapters is perfectly suited for writing down meeting notes, or class notes or anything else that is chronology based I ended up going a slightly different route and started using it an exercise log and quasi daily journal.

I have to say I’m not the most exciting chap in the world since I don’t do adventurous things like drive a Toyota Hilux to the North Pole or drive an Opal across the Salt Pan of Africa, but I do have to say when you actually force yourself to sit down and write whatever comes to mind regardless of how boring or silly it may seem that truckloads of ideas and thoughts can all come streaming out; almost to the point of it being hard to keep up.

Sitting with my iPad or sometimes my desktop or laptop computer I will spend upwards of an hour just writing whatever comes to mind. It’s pretty interesting the ideas that come tumbling out. All sorts of links between memories and events, ironic things that happen during the day, silly things that somehow stick out.

But at any rate, all the entries get recorded into Chapters. I have it broken down my month. Everything for December was written down in that notebook and now I have a January one. I have to say it’s actually quite entertaining. Those first couple of entries have one or two sentences in them, but now there are pages worth of text. Of course no one is ever supposed to see those or read them and more than likely I will never go back and look at them, but as we go to the end of the year I was thinking about everything that happened in 2010 and I kept on saying, "I really wish I had written that down". Since I almost always have the iPad with me or some other computer I now can write down all those things I want to remember and write about what’s going on around me.

It’s not riveting stuff I assure you, but there is something quite entertaining and relaxing in just sitting down and writing just for the sake of writing. Most certainly I’m not memoir material, but there’s nothing wrong in pretending.

And now when I don’t ride my bike the entry will be glaringly absent and I’ll be riddled with guilt and shame.

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