Threat of more snow

There is a claim that more snow is on the way. That would be pretty odd actually to have two snow storms that close together. Normally I would say the weatherman is full of crap and couldn’t predict hitting water by falling out of a boat but he was bang on last time with the snow and Christmas. There might be something to this next storm. It isn’t supposed to hit until Monday which means if it does show there’s a good chance we’ll get out of work as well. I won’t complain about a three day weekend that’s for sure. I think we’re heading out to get supplies in case this snowstorm does actually kick in. I would hate to be trapped in the house without any Mt. Dew. I could go stir crazy and cause all manner of destruction.

I also have my iPad full charged and ready to go. I have plenty of games at the ready to fend off the cabin fever should it try to set in.

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