Oz and James Big Wine Adventure

Donna and I watched this series over the weekend featuring Oz Clarke and James May and I was laughing hysterically at it. Normally James is the gentleman of the group, but in this series he acts more like an ill tempered school boy. Quite frankly he seems more like Jeremy Clarkson than anything else.

Oz and James tour France to discover great wines and to teach James about the wine making process and the regions. But as you might expect there is so much that goes wrong. James is the pouty student who doesn’t want to learn and thinks his teacher is a bore. He’s even brought along his Ozillator whistle to blow when Oz just starts pontificating. My goodness, the irony of James thinking someone is pontificating. I never thought I would see the day.

But of my goodness it’s funny. James pretty much gets drunk at every wine tasting and his idea of camping is rather amusing. He also has a penchant for making Spam and beans and drinking red wine with it. I bet he is a real pleasure to be next to at night. That dinner combination is explosive! And the way he explains the flavors of the wine will make your jaw drop. I can’t say I’ve heard someone say their wine has the flavor of a bonfire and a barbequed sausage. Of course I think Oz wanted to die from embarrassment.

As they continue the journey they bicker like you wouldn’t believe. I’m surprised it didn’t come down to blows before they got back to England. Amazingly, they stuck together for another two series! I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to watch Series 2 this upcoming weekend. The first one was fantastic and the scenery they go through was just breath taking. It was amazing stuff.

James may be the gentleman on Top Gear, but compared to Oz he really is a "scruff".

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