James May’s Toy Stories

I seem to be in a BBC kind of mood. It may be old program much like James himself, but his Toy Stories series was actually a hoot to watch. For this series he goes back and digs out the toys of his youth to reintroduce them to a new generation. For this round he brings out model airplanes, Meccano or Erector sets as we would know them, model trains, slot cars, Legos, and Plasticine or modeling clay.

And it’s not just some toy track or small model, he goes big. Life size even! He builds a life-sized model Spitfire, creates a Lego house he can live in, sets up miles of slot car track and sent a train on an epic 11 mile journey down a former railway line. If you like mechanical toys from days gone by this is a real thrill to watch. It’s on a massive scale and shows all the problems and pitfalls associated with it. How many Lego pieces do you need to build a house?

While laying slot car track, James has to get permission from the community since he will going through their back yards as well as a couple of businesses since he’ll be going right through the lobby. And there are the hazards of crossing major intersections with real traffic and traversing a couple of ponds.

I thought it was a real thrill to watch since I remember playing with those exact sorts of toys so many years ago. It amazing to see the support he gets and just how much is needed to pull of these crazy stunts. Plus, James actually sets a couple of World Records along the way. I would love to see him do some more of these. This is a very different James. This is the mechanical and builder James. His passion for old toys really shines through and he really seems to rally the troops to get things done.

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