James May and the Man Lab

Yet another series involving James May (no, I do not have a crush) as he tries to bring modern man out of the dark ages and reintroduce him to the real use of a screwdriver (not to be used as a chisel) and carpenter’s square (not to be used as a hammer).

This is a pretty big departure from his other shows but it’s just as laughable. James feels his man lab needs a bar so he builds the main countertop using concrete and shows men how to hang wallpaper. He tries to give man the skills to survive out in the wild by showing how to diffuse a bomb. He brings back the art of seduction by showing modern man how to serenade. Also, if you have a dispute you should settle it like men and use the art of the duel – pistols and swords. Plus, there are steps on how to navigate the open water, how to build a railway network in your own home, how to make sure you never run out of toilet paper while using the facilities and that all men should put aside their fears and continue to play an instrument beyond grade one. You might even end up in a concert.

I don’t know where James comes up with this stuff but it’s brilliant. I mean you really can’t help but laugh. His tips and skills and modern examples will put a smile on your face and make you wonder how on earth you would end up in such a situation.

Unfortunately, there are only 3 episodes for the series and no dates on when it plans to come back. But if you do have time to spare they are definitely worth watching. His "challenges" are great and you will walk away ready to conquer the world.

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