Index Your Files is Refreshingly Good

I have a lot of files. I have so many files I forget about them sometimes. But I’ve been using Index Your Files for the past couple of months and I have it to be a brilliant app that locates files almost instantly. Yes, I know Windows can actually index files itself, but I have to say I’ve never been impressed with it. I’ve never really found it to be all that fast or accurate. But IDF really is that fast and accurate. I made reference to it before but it really does find files within a second on my machine. Plus it works very well with wildcards and partial file names. It’s very accurate in picking up the correct file with just bits and pieces of the file name.

Once it’s found a set of matching files you can click on them to get a preview to see if it’s what you want. That goes for picture files, music files, videos and everything else Windows can play. It can’t see into the file so it won’t read the contents of a PDF file or Excel Spreadsheet, but if you gave it a half way usable name, IDF will find it.

You can’t even complain about the cost since it’s free.

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