99 bottles of beer on the wall

The time has come so we bottled the previous batch of beer. We were prepared to hit the ground running, but my dishwasher seems to take forever to sanitize bottles. I think it runs for nearly two hours. Even though I started it early we were held up without anything to put the beer in. Being industrious and not wanting to waste the time we jumped into making another kind of beverage, this time making ginger ale.

I’m a big fan of ginger beer and found dozens of recipes on the web. There are lots of different ways to make it, from the simple to the rather complex. I didn’t have the time to grow the GBP (ginger beer plant) so I went with the more simplistic recipe for ginger ale. I chose Alton Brown’s offering which consists of ginger puree, water, sugar, a bit of lemon and yeast. Seemed simple enough so while waiting we cooked up a batch on the stove.

Surprisingly the main flavor wasn’t too bad. Not quite as strong as I would like but it might spice up the longer it sits. The recipe makes two liters which is now sitting at room temperature getting some fizz.

Our timing was very good since the bottles finished just as we cleaned up.

We must be getting better at the bottling since it took no time at all. And I must be getting better at putting the swing tops on since I managed to keep with Theo filling them.

Despite it being flat we gave it a taste and the flavor was really good. It had the slight bitter feel on the finish and I think we once this carbonated and chilled it could be excellent. This was Theo’s brew of choice and he’s quite excited about it. I’m looking forward to this one being done too. The Pale Ale was a little on the weak side for flavor (which we hope improves and it matures), but this one had a strong flavor right from the start.

As an aside, since the ginger ale recipe was so easy and I have so much ginger puree I decided to jump in with both feet and make some more. I whipped up an additional two gallons worth which is now sitting next to the carboy, fermenting in its own little way.

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