How was the Ginger Ale?

We just popped the cork on the ginger ale, which made quite the boom and then overflowed. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it though. It has carbonation we wanted since it overflowed like a champagne bottle, but the flavor is a little odd. I think my jar of ginger has gone a little stale. There is really no bite to it so we can either increase the amount we use or go buy a fresh root for the next batch. Also, I’m not sure the lemon juice is a winner. I don’t think it’s enhancing the flavor and will leave it out next time. It doesn’t taste like old socks, or even new socks, so from that standpoint we have a winner.

I’ll be working on an improved recipe this weekend and if we go to the supply store I’ll be picking up their ginger ale recipe to try.

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