The Ginger Ale Adventures Continue

So, I’ve made several additional batches of ginger ale with varying degrees of success, but I think I’m starting to make some progress. Obviously fresh ginger works best for this, but I’ve made several additional changes which seem to be working for me. First off all I’m leaving all the ingredients in the bottle to steep for 48 hours after it’s made. Also, I’m adding a dash of cayenne pepper to spice things up a little bit. Not much, but just enough so you can feel a tickle in the back of the throat.

Basically the recipe is starting to look like this:

2 cups sugar

3 to 4 oz of fresh grated ginger

Juice from 1 lemon

1/4 tsp of champagne yeast

This makes one gallon of ginger ale and it turns out pretty well. Yes, there are a ton of things floating around in the mix but you simply strain those out when you transfer the mixture to smaller containers for storage. I use a standard strainer that I hold over a funnel when I pour my finished drink into 1 liter swing top bottles. Almost all the sediment comes out. Almost. There is a little left, but it won’t hurt you.

I still think there is a little something missing, but I’m very close and right now this is very drinkable stuff.

gingerale02 gingerale01 gingerale03

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