Even more ginger ale in the house

I’m still experimenting with this recipe so I made several more gallons of ginger ale to see what I could come up with. Some have a little extra lemon, some has a splash of lime and there are hints of cayenne and other things going on in there. Even though I’m still working to make it great I find I quite enjoy drinking this stuff at night. It has plenty of flavor and is a nice thing to have at the end of the day. I bought several 1-litre bottles the last time I was at the beer warehouse so now I just transfer it from the gallon jugs into those bottles and then from that bottle into a glass. I’m even thinking of taking a bottle to work – hopefully they won’t frown upon some unlabeled bottle showing up in my office. Could be a bit risky I suppose but worth a go.

I have enough to last a little while so now I’m going to try and make some lemonade. After messing with beer and ginger ale that should be easy.

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