Sarnac Ginger Beer

Saranac Ginger BeerSince I’m on the ginger beer kick right now I decided I would actually buy some to see how mine compares to the off the shelf creations. My personal favorites at the moment are the Bundaberg Ginger Beer and the Blenheim Ginger Beer. Both of those have really strong and exciting flavors with a lot of spiciness but not so much that you don’t enjoy drinking them.

I ended up getting the Sarnac Ginger Beer which was a tragic mistake. I was seduced by the label which read, "We use a TON of ginger". Really? You use so much it’s not even listed as an ingredient! High Fructose Corn Syrup is in abundance though! Apparently ginger is part of the natural and artificial flavors.

Honestly, this stuff was tragic. It basically tastes like stale sugar water with a vague hint of something resembling ginger. Not only was it a pretty crappy ginger beer it was a pretty crappy drink in general. I could barely finish one bottle.

It was bad. Seriously bad.

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